WALL INSULATION is used to create thermal and / or acoustic resistance in your building by creating a comfortable place.

When appropriate thermal insulation is used and installed properly it will reduce heating and cooling costs and maintain a predictable temperature. Acoustic insulation is beneficial when outside noise is a distraction invading your space. The type of insulation that should be used will depend on expectations and the desired result. The type of structure and application in which it is being used will also determine the most suitable type of insulation.

Thermal and/or Acoustic Batts – available in Polyester, Glass Wool, Earthwool and Rockwool. Some batts have multiple applications being both thermal and acoustic others are more specific to either thermal or acoustic. Thickness and “R” ratings vary so does the density. Thickness generally equates to the thermal rating and Density normally equates to the acoustic quality.

Partition or Sound Blanket – is a polyester acoustic and thermal insulation that can be used in plasterboard partition walls in commercial buildings. It provides excellent sound transmission reduction and thermal performance, reducing heat transfer between rooms.

Acoustic Absorb – is a polyester acoustic insulation which can be used in partition walls and other wall assemblies including curtain wall applications. It helps to reduce sound reverberation through building assemblies providing sound and echo absorption when used as an overlay product particularly where hard surfaces predominate.

PIR Insulation Board – is a rigid thermal panel laminated with aluminium foil. It achieves excellent thermal value where a minimum cavity is available and can be used in both external and internal walls.

Home Wrap – is used to wrap the external walls in timber framed building. It is a highly effective water barrier and improves energy efficiency by protecting other insulation.

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