There are many domestic, commercial and industrial applications for which acoustic insulation is required.

Making space comfortable by blocking and reducing external noises from being intrusive is a major objective for many.  Available in different forms for specific purposes acoustic insulation is used in walls, ceilings, floors, also around noisy pipes and equipment.

  • We specialise in the supply of various types of acoustic insulation for those many applications.
  • Batts for ceilings and walls available in Polyester, Glass Wool, Earthwool and Rockwool.
  • Polyester Acoustic Absorb (formerly Tontine Acousti-sorb) for ceilings and walls and other applications where a higher performance of acoustic insulation is required.
  • Polyester Acoustic and Thermal Sound Blanket for partition walls and suspended ceilings.
  • Polyester Baffle Block commonly used in ceiling voids above walls to prevent sound transference between rooms and or offices.
  • Acoustic Pipe Lagging for waste and storm water pipes can also be used as a form of duct or acoustic wrap.
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl which assists in soundproofing walls and ceilings against aircraft, music, cinema and engine noises.

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