Pipe Insulation – Thermal & Acoustic

Pipe insulation is a necessity for both Copper and PVC pipes used for specific purposes in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.  There are different types of insulation depending on the application for which the pipe is used.

Large PVC waste and storm water pipes often require insulating for noise.  Nu-Wrap 5 made from insulating foam with an acoustic barrier with aluminium foil covering is an effective and easy to install solution.

For all types of pipe Thermotec 4 Zero is a premium pipe insulation incorporating a re-inforced aluminium covering over black thermal foam and has excellent fire resistant properties.

For general and solar pipe insulation used with hot water, refrigeration, and air-conditioning  Thermotec E-Flex EDPM closed cell foam insulation is appropriate for this purpose.

Steam or high temperature pipe work requires insulating material up to high temperatures with an industrial fire rating and a Rock Mineral heavy duty thermal insulation is commonly used for this application.

We also supply pipe insulating materials such as Polystyrene, Glass Wool, Polyisocyanurate (PIR).

All can be supplied as Preformed Sectional Pipe Insulation.

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