Fire safety is a critical aspect of multi-residential construction as well as single dwelling construction particularly in fire prone areas.

Walls and ceiling spaces that separate residences are major elements in multi-residential construction relating to fire safety.  A Fire Separation Wall is a wall with appropriate resistance to spread of fire that divides a storey or building into a fire compartment

Homes and outbuildings in fire prone areas also benefit greatly by using appropriate fire retardant methods of construction and products in roofs, and under eaves.

Where incorrect construction or lack of consideration given to products used in wall systems and roofs can be the cause of unnecessary consequences, the opposite also applies when consideration and care is given to the manner of construction and products used then risks can be considerably reduced.

Products which we can supply and could be suitable if used appropriately are Fire Screen Blanket which is a woven fibreglass fabric coated with a specifically formulated micronized aluminium polymer which provides a heat reflecting surface as well as other properties for the manufacture of Smoke Curtains, Smoke Blinds, Cavity Wall Fire Barriers also Welding Blanket which is used to protect surrounding areas when sparks from welding equipment can impose a fire risk.

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