Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling Insulation is used to create thermal and/or acoustic resistance in your building by creating a comfortable place.  When the appropriate thermal insulation is used and installed properly it will reduce heating and cooling costs and maintain a predictable temperature.  Acoustic insulation is beneficial when outside noise is a distraction invading your space.  The type of insulation that should be used will depend on expectations and the desired result.  The type of structure and application in which it is being used will also determine the most suitable type of insulation in Perth.

Blanket Batts and Rolls

Available in Polyester, Glass Wool, Mineral Wool.  Blanket batts can be installed between studs, joists, and beams and is one of the most inexpensive and easy to install forms on insulation.

Nu-Wave Base

A mass loaded vinyl, fabric backed with embossed face, tear resistant and highly flexible, it is used to silence noise in ceiling spaces and walls and commonly used as an acoustic curtain.  It is an inexpensive acoustic barrier that is easy to cut and install and can be supplied foil faced with 4-Zero if required.

Polymax MSB

Partition or sound blanket used for commercial and industrial applications in suspended ceilings and partition walls.  A polyester insulation reducing sound transmission and heat transfer between rooms.

Polymax Absorb

A thermally bonded polyester fibre insulation specifically designed to provide high performance acoustic absorption across a broad range of frequencies.  Ideal for use behind perforated panelling and ceilings in auditoriums, cinemas, studios and sports halls.

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