There are many domestic, commercial and industrial applications for which thermal insulation is required.

Making space comfortable by installing the appropriate thermal insulation whereby being able to predict a level of comfort in either hot or cold temperatures is essential for many people.

Used in walls, ceilings and roofs we specialise in the supply of various forms of thermal insulation to suit different requirements and applications.

Batts for ceilings and walls are available in Polyester, Glass Wool and Earthwool.  The “R” rating required will determine the thickness of the batts which will result in the overall thermal performance.

Insultherm is a glass wool building blanket with an aluminium foil laminated to one side and used under various roof types.  Its thermal efficiency allows significant reductions in heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter and can assist in control of condensation under the roof.

PIR Insulation Board is a rigid thermal panel laminated with aluminium foil and achieves an excellent thermal value where minimum cavity is available.

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