Thermal Break Insulation, Vapour Barrier and Acoustic Barrier

Thermal Break Insulation, Vapour Barrier and Acoustic Barrier

Thermotec is Australia’s number one manufacturer of direct extrusion, low density polyethylene foam products.

E-Therm is semi rigid sheeting supplied in a convenient 30 metre roll (1 metre wide) and is the fastest and most convenient insulation material to use having various applications.

If your shed, factory or garage has timber or steel frames E-Therm is the thermal and acoustic insulation for you.

E-Therm barriers will reduce the amount of noise radiated from the roof or walls by up to 12 decibels minimising rain, aircraft and traffic noise coming into your shed.  Conversely it keeps the noise you make within the shed.

E-Therm stops drafts and dust, is completely water resistant, will not shrink or sag and is fibre and itch free.

E-Therm on Roofs

E-Therm works most effectively when applied in such a way as to create a sealed, reflective air space and this is easy to do in timber and steel framed sheds, factories or garages.

E-Therm has been designed especially for commercial and industrial roof systems. With E-Therm an innovative overlap is provided for you thereby saving the need to purchase an extra 10% of product for overlapping.

E-Therm for Brick Walls

E-Therm is ideal for all wall systems including brick veneer and double brick cavity.  With excellent thermal and acoustic properties E-Therm provides one of the best “R” values in a typical brick veneer construction and is easily installed.

E-Therm for Framed Walls

E-Therm is ideal for all metal and timber wall applications.  The added benefit is that E-Therm will also comply with the Thermal Break requirement set by the Building Code of Australia.  E-Therm is the original all in one insulation solution. There is no need to worry about two or three products for your insulation needs as E-Therm is all that is required.

E-Therm 50

E-Therm 50 is a cost effective alternative to low cost bubble products.  E-Therm 50 is suitable for roofs and walls in sheds, garages, wineries, barns, animal shelters.