Insultherm Glass Wool Blanket

Insultherm Glass Wool Blanket

Insultherm is a high performance, anti-condensation glass wool blanket available in 55mm, 75mm and 100mm thickness.  Insultherm is available in a range of reinforced aluminium foils or black scrim.

  • Black – Perforated only
  • White – Plain and Perforated
  • Silver – Plain and Perforated
  • Black Scrim

Insultherm glass wool building blanket is made from high quality acid and weather resistant raw material that goes through a two stage centrifugal rotary spinning process bonded with a phenolic type thermosetting resin.  The fibres produced form not only an excellent sound proof and long lasting thermal insulation but a product that is elastic and resilient for easy handling on site.  Insultherm blankets have a metalised polyester single sided aluminium foil laminated to one side with an overlap of 150mm along one side.

Insultherm is a superb thermal and acoustic insulation designed for roofing and it can assist in control of condensation under various types of roofs and creates a comfortable environment free from all sorts of noises.

Standard Roll Sizes:

  • Insultherm 55  –  60mm thick x 1.2m x 15m
  • Insultherm 75  –  80mm thick x 1.2m x 10m
  • Insultherm 100 – 100mm thick x 1.2m x 8m

The thermal efficiency of Insultherm allows significant reductions in heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.  This means you use less energy and reduce operating costs of heating and cooling.