Home Wrap®

Home Wrap®


Unlike other commonly used building wraps, Tyvek Home Wrap is not perforated with holes that can reduce the effectiveness of the wrap.  The micro-fibrous, non-perforated  structure of Tyvek Home Wrap allows walls to breathe while providing a highly effective water barrier.  Tyvek Home Wrap improved energy efficiency by protecting other insulation.  Tyvek Home Wrap is light and easy to handle while exhibiting high strength and durability characteristics.

Rolls measuring 2743mm and 3048mm wide allow for one pass around a building saving time and effort.

Tyvek Home Wrap satisfies James Hardie vapour permeable membrane requirements to be an accepted breathable membrane behind James Hardie external cladding.

Tyvek Home Wrap is specified as the accepted building membrane in Boral OutRWALL™ and Boral FireClad® Wall systems.

Tyvek Home Wrap is specified by Tillings Timbers as an acceptable building membrane behind their range of Western Red Cedar Timber Cladding.

Tyvek is a respected global brand used in over 15 million buildings worldwide and complies with Australian standards for flexible building membranes.