Glass Wool Thermal Insulation

Glass Wool Thermal Insulation


Glass Wool Batts are highly effective, lightweight, flexible and resilient insulation batts.  Tested to AS 4859.1 Glass Wool Batts are Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliant.

Glass Wool Batts will increase temperature comfort and minimise energy within the home.  Manufactured from up to 100% recycled glass, they provide excellent thermal resistance whilst being easy to install.


There is no Australian Standard against which the bio-solubility of glass wool is tested.  The glass wool used in the insulation batts supplied by Insulwest complies with the same European Standard that is used as a reference by manufacturers in Australia.

Fire Safety

Glass wool batts when tested for early fire hazard under AS 1530.3 returned a perfect result.

  • Ignitability – 0
  • Spread of Flame – 0
  • Heat Release – 0
  • Smoke – 0

Low Allergen

Glass wool is not classified as carcinogenic.

Maximum Service Temperature

The maximum service temperature of glass wool is 350 degrees C.  However this product is not designed for high temperature applications.

Corrosion Resistance

When tested in accordance with BS 3958: Part 5-1969, glass wool returned a pH of 8.0 (neutral is pH 7.0) and therefore will not cause corrosion to steel.

Glass wool products are also available as a board, in various thicknesses and laminated with foil as required.  Used extensively in HVAC ducting.