Nu Wave Base Acoustic Barriers

Nu Wave Base Acoustic Barriers

The Nu Wave range is based on high density, limp mass polymers to take the energy out of sound waves right across the hearing frequency spectrum.

Nu Wave barriers are flexible, inexpensive and will tame home theatre systems, aircraft noise, impact noise through walls and floors and engine noise.

Nu Wave “Base” Acoustic Barrier

Most commonly used to silence noise in walls, timber floors and  ceiling spaces, particularly over office partitions in commercial buildings.

Nu Wave Base is inexpensive and very easy to cut and install.  Being Fabric backed with embossed face, it is tear resistant, highly flexible and is supplied in rolls.

Roll Sizes and Acoustic Ratings:

  • 4kg / m2  –  5 mtr rolls Rw 26*
  • 6kg / m2  –  3 mtr rolls Rw29*
  • 8kg / m2  –  3 mtr rolls Rw30*

All rolls are 1350mm wide

*Rw rating is a single number quantity summarizing the transmission loss of a material over the frequency range from 100Hz to 3.15 kHz under AS/NZS 1276.1:1999.  Independent test reports are available.